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We are a private investment fund from the United States founded in New York in 2012, with offices in Miami, New York, Hong Kong. Empirex Capital is dedicated to managing money to invest in the financial markets.

Why Choose Us

We know how much your investment means, it is time and effort that you have sacrificed to achieve the savings that you now want to grow. That is why with our team of investment management professionals we study in detail the economic changes and trends of the moment, ensuring that our hedge fund continues to be the best place to make your money profitable.

Our Purpose

With our investment plans we want to generate new sources of income so that all people can achieve their financial goals, with the support of our experts we will create an excellent investment portfolio.

Our Business Model

At Empirex Capital we raise capital from accredited investors and institutions to form a private pool and we sign an agreement with each client for a specified time. We assign this capital to our brokers or traders who simultaneously buy and sell financial assets such as stocks, currencies, commodities or cryptocurrencies. From these operations a profitability is generated which is delivered back to our investors at the end of each contract according to the proportion of the money invested. These earnings can be withdrawn or reinvested indefinitely, thus achieving a constant flow of money and your financial independence.