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GENERATE extra INCOME in your spare time!

You don’t have to be a professional salesperson, you just have to have good relationships with potential investors.

Step 1: You must contact and refer new investors.

Step 2: For each new contract you will receive 6% commission for invested capital.

Step 3: If you encourage your referrals to renew their contract, the first time you will receive a 4% commission.

Step 4: If you encourage your referrals to renew their contract for the second time, you will receive 1% commission.

Payments are made every Friday after the referrer has made his deposit. If the deposit is reported on Thursday after 5:00 PM New York. your commission will be paid on Friday of the following week.

It is done through a bank transfer or PayPal and within the United States by Zelle or Venmo.

  • The minimum investment is from 10k dollars. The commission is calculated on the amount of the invested capital.
  • The ambassador must give a prior orientation to the client of the company information and investment plans before contacting our representatives. The ambassador must be in direct contact with one of our Investment Representatives and help close the negotiation, in order to access the percentage of commission earned, this must be done from the first contract and at each renewal.
  • The payment of the commission will be made on the Friday following the completion of the contract or its renewal through bank consignment, as long as it is paid on Thursday before 5:00 PM in New York.
  • The request for contracts, concerns about them and for the realization of these are made through the email [email protected] In order to access the benefits of the first and second renewal, it is essential to be in charge of following up with the Investor and closing the negotiation of the renewals, otherwise, and despite the renewal of the contract, the ambassador will not receive commission.

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