A new digital age for Africa

The digital era has migrated to the point of turning money into a digital mechanism to make payment for everything, quickly, safely and easily.

A Nigerian company that had humble beginnings as an e-commerce startup now offers Bitcoin payments to hundreds of thousands of people, and is thinking about expanding the digital experience to the point of beginning a strategy to migrate this service to less digitally literate parties.

In addition to having the experience of offering Bitcoin payments to positively massify the African sector into a digital era, and at the same time offering a compelling alternative to the culture starting with fiat currencies, which in turn are the method of payment in this region.

Patricia, a financial solutions company based in Lagos, Nigeria, which started as a simple e-commerce company.

However, its success has been so great that now the platform has gone global and the company estimates that over 300,000 people use its services to meet their daily needs for digital payments.

The team behind Patricia uses the power of crypto-currency and blockchain technology to create alternative solutions to the existing financial infrastructure, allowing consumers to buy and sell BTC at what they claim are the best rates in Africa, with no hidden charges.

Digital assets can be stored in Patricia’s «secure, safe and flexible wallet», and users are free to make conversions between Bitcoin and the trust currency, the Nigerian Naira, whenever they wish.

At the same time the company also has offices in Ghana, the United Kingdom and the United States, from where they operate strategically to reach more users interested in digital payments and the world of crypto-currency.


The company’s success, Patricia, is thriving, and has become even greater than Agbodje’s founder first imagined, considering that the digital age has taken on more prominence in society while at the same time technology has made great strides in the financial sectors.

In reality, this strategy seeks to make people who have their cryptoactive with Bitcoin usable, so the startup Patricia believes that there are a considerable number of people who want to use the world’s largest crypto currency to make daily purchases, pay their bills, renew subscriptions and much more.

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