in the new economy

Empirex Capital is a private investment fund from the United States founded in 2012. We offer investment plans and raise capital from accredited and institutional clients to invest in the financial markets. Our offices are located in New York, Miami, and Hong Kong.

Even though, we started as a traditional hedge fund our CEO, Rafael Vargas, had the vision to incorporate Cryptocurrencies as part of our portfolio in 2015, making us successful pioneers in digital asset management in the United States.

Why Investing with Us?

Our exclusive team of wealth management professionals studies in detail the market trends creating customized strategies to diversifies your assets smartly. Our strategies allow us to take advantage of volatility and be profitable regardless of market direction.

Our Purpose

With our investment plans we desire to generate new sources of income and help you achieve your financial goals. We will create a customized investment portfolio with the guidance of our experts according to your risk profile and financial objectives.

Our Business Model

At Empirex Capital we raise capital from accredited investors and institutions to form a private pool in any of our portfolios. Then, we sign an agreement for a specified time frame. We assign this capital to our brokers or traders who simultaneously buy and sell financial assets such as stocks, currencies, commodities or cryptocurrencies. The returns generated from these operations are delivered back to our investors monthly, quarterly or annually. Profits can be withdrawn or reinvested indefinitely, thus achieving a constant cash flow, long term growth, protection from inflation and financial independence.

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