AMAZON, Jeff Bezos and his success

Billionaire entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, known as the founder and CEO of the renowned Amazon company, has positioned himself for the third consecutive year as the richest man among Americans at the top of Forbes’ list.

Reaching a value of $179 billion so far this year 2020, an event that has been driven by the uneven impact that has generated the global health pandemic, COVID-19, around the world, as this pandemic has put some companies at an advantage, especially those companies that offer their services online, this being the case of Amazon, a U.S. company of e-commerce and one of the first companies to sell goods through the Internet, which has developed excellent results during this time of health crisis, for its participation in online markets.

The company’s profitability has benefited from the online purchases that people are making to avoid contact with the general population.

With over 23 years in the market, Amazon the creation of the magnate Bezos, was ahead of its time, betting on technological advances that have generated solutions to their consumers digitally, so the success of this company is linked to the vision and perseverance that had its founder at the time of thinking about creating and innovating regardless of criticism