Best Blockchain Games List

Best Blockchain Games List

From Axie Infinity to CryptoBlades, Empirex Capital brings you a list of the best money-making blockchain games that offer users a rich gaming experience along with multiple opportunities to make money.

Blockchain games have the potential to transform the gaming industry for the better. Players who spend money on such games - or even contribute to the gaming metaverse as free-to-play gamers - can claim ownership of in-game items through this technology.

What makes play2earn intriguing is the fact that players can not only control in-game assets but also trade and sell them. As such, playing blockchain games lets users earn rewards that consist of NFTs and tokens. These tokens can both be used in built-in marketplaces and traded on exchanges. Let’s check out the list of top blockchain games that feature a play-to-earn mechanism.

Axie Infinity

Anyone who would like to explore the play2earn blockchain gaming universe will come across Axie Infinity at one point. It is currently the top play2earn game in the Philippines and has gained a loyal following globally. Players need to acquire three Axies (monsters) to begin playing, which can be bought from the built-in marketplace. If the players lack enough funds to buy the Axies, they can opt for a scholarship in Axie Infinity. The game has a PvE and PvP mode, although the latter one offers better rewards. All in-game earnings - including Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP)- can be bought, sold, and traded.


Competitive play2earn games in an RPG setting tend to gain popularity. CryptoBlades, a new blockchain game, lets users earn SKILL tokens by defeating enemies, raiding with friends, and staking gains. Players can also craft characters and weapons to defeat enemies or sell in-game assets on the built-in marketplace.

Players need to buy a character before they can play the game. Therefore, they must pay a small fee in the form of BNB to participate in battles. Battle fees are returned to winners as SKILL tokens immediately.

‍Plant vs Undead

Tower defense games often have tremendous replay value, and Plant vs Undead aims to explore that niche in a play2earn model. The game has gained a lot of traction in Brazil and other countries where such P2E games can make a meaningful impact. Players can acquire seeds to begin playing that can be bought on the marketplace in exchange for PVU tokens. Another option is the free-to-play route.

‍Farmers World

The concept of farming simulators has become quite popular over the years. Farmers World is the play2earn blockchain equivalent of that concept. Players can select various tools to grow crops and harvest them. Additionally, players can attack other farmers while they wait for their harvest period. The game also has a membership system through a cards-based solution that allows users to equip more tools, energy, among other elements. Players need access to one tool before playing the game that can be acquired from the FarmersWorld Collection marketplace.


There is a growing variety of play2earn blockchain games today. Different genres are explored to give players a feel for what the technology is capable of. Moreover, the monetary aspect of playing video games is now accessible to billions of players. Whether play2earn can disrupt traditional gaming remains unclear, but the new opportunities can prove beneficial to players and developers alike.

Created on 14th Sep 2021