Bitcoin Hits $45K Ahead of July Inflation Report

Bitcoin Hits $45K Ahead of July Inflation Report

The flagship cryptocurrency hits its highest level in more than two months as inflation is expected to rise by another 0.5% in July.

Bitcoin (BTC) reached its highest level in more than two months, with just a few days remaining before the July inflation report.

The top cryptocurrency climbed 1.65% to $45,363 on Sunday, continuing the upside momentum that had already seen it jump 21.62% from its low of $37,300 on Thursday.

Momentum was strong among Bitcoin rivals as well. Ether (ETH), the second-largest crypto by market capitalization, increased 29.78% from its low of $2,630 on Tuesday, crossing $3,100 on Sunday. Its gains came after Ethereum’s London hard fork went live on Thursday, which should add deflationary pressure to the supply of ETH.

July inflation report, on-chain

On Wednesday, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics will release July’s inflation report, with markets forecasting a 0.5% spike. The projections appear after the consumer price index (CPI) jumped to 5.4% year-over-year in June to log its biggest increase in 13 years.

Bitcoin bulls have responded positively to the recent inflation reports. They effectively guarded the cryptocurrency against falling below $30,000 after the May 19 crash. Meanwhile, their recent efforts to push the prices above $40,000 — eventually leading into a slow upside break above $45,000 — indicate strong demand for Bitcoin, which appears to be breaking out of its summer slump.

Lex Moskovski, chief investment officer of Moskovski Capital, highlighted a Glassnode chart that showed dramatic spikes in entities entering the Bitcoin network, matching the growth with the rising BTC/USD rates.

“Amount of new Bitcoin entities continues to hit an all-time high,” Moskovski tweeted.

Additionally, on-chain analyst Willy Woo said the ongoing Bitcoin momentum should push its prices above $50,000, citing a supply-and-demand imbalance in the market. He said that all investor cohorts were buying Bitcoin, which led to a supply shock.

Woo referred to a chart he posted on July 15 when Bitcoin’s market corrected lower after having peaked at $36,675.

Woo explained:

“Fundamentals do not predict short term price, but given enough time price discovery reverts to fundamentals. Exact value is $53.2k today, with a standard deviation band between $39.6k - $66.8k (68.5% confidence).”

Created on 11th Aug 2021