Crypto Slang You Need to Learn

Crypto Slang You Need to Learn

New to crypto? Finding a lot of words that you don't understand? Let us make it easy for you! Empirex Capital presents a list of crypto expressions that you should check out!

The crypto space is proud of being open to everyone, but actually, becoming a part of crypto is quite difficult. The space has a lot of unique slang it acquired over the years, which can leave newcomers confused. Many Web3 veterans have even tried to explain it to others and then wished they never did.

But learning the "crypto language" is important because otherwise, you may end up feeling like a guest in a private member's club. Here is a non-exhaustive glossary of crypto expressions you may or may not know the meaning of.

Disclaimer: some of these explanations are best guesses, and we're happy to make corrections. Also, the glossary refers purely to slang and not technical terminology.


The original crypto meme that predates all others. Something like the Old Testament of crypto lingo. HODL stands for hold on for dear life and expresses the intention to not sell under any circumstances, no matter how bad the volatility gets. Often used in relation to Bitcoin. The origin of the expression is said to be here.

Diamond Hands & Paper Hands

Related to HODL. Investors that HODL is said to have diamond hands, meaning they are not prepared to sell their holdings for any price. This probably originated during the Gamestop short squeeze in early 2021 when retail traders caused a price surge of a seemingly low-value stock.

The opposite is paper hands, referring to traders/investors who quickly sell their position when facing decreasing prices.


FOMO stands for fear of missing out and is a well-known psychological concept that describes investors' mentality to be apprehensive of not profiting from upwards price movement. FOMO is a key concept in the cryptocurrency space as many coins almost exclusively base their marketing strategy on investors' anticipation of rising prices. A short history of FOMO is described here.


FUD is short for fear, uncertainty, and doubt. It is a sales and marketing tactic that relates to spreading uncertainty and misinformation about a product to drive it out of business or reduce its price. In the cryptocurrency space, FUD relates to negative news about cryptocurrencies like government regulation, opponents speaking out about crypto, or falling prices (which can be caused by the former two). Crypto advocates often argue that traditional finance and the mainstream media try to spread FUD about crypto to complicate its adoption.

Created on 11th Mar 2022