Empirex Capital LLC denies relationship with the company Empiresx

Empirex Capital LLC denies relationship with the company Empiresx

Dear Investors

For Empirex Capital LLC, it is of great importance to maintain support, security, and trust in all our investors since we are a company from the United States in operation since 2012. This experience has led Empirex Capital LLC to continue its expansion, with the purpose of providing unique and reliable investment opportunities to its clients.

That is why we turn to all public opinion, the media, and investors to categorically deny the statements of the Asian company "EmpiresX" which has been illegally using our Name, Address, and Financial Licenses from the United States to deceive people worldwide with fraudulent investment operations.

We want to clarify that Empirex Capital LLC is outside the company "EmpiresX" and that we do not have any contact or relationship with this organization. Therefore, we invite the entire community that has been affected to report the case to the competent authorities.

We want to inform you that Empirex Capital LLC has appealed with evidence of the illegal use of our brand to our group of attorneys who will carry out the legal actions and a thorough investigation of the company "EmpiresX".

At Empirex Capital LLC, we take precautions to protect your information. When you submit confidential information through the website, your information is protected both online and offline.

Empirex Capital LLC is the only operator that collects or maintains personal information through the www.empirexcapital.com website. A member or any visitor who makes use of the website can contact www.empirexcapital.com using the following email address: [email protected]

Finally, we ask all our investors to take the necessary preventive measures and only inform themselves through authorized channels.

Created on 21st Oct 2021