How to create or mine your own NFTs?

How to create or mine your own NFTs?

In this Empirex Capital article we want to present you a very simple guide so that you can create your own NFTs and if you like the idea, dive into this interesting blog.

What is mintear?

NFTs are undoubtedly one of the elements that is having the greatest boom in the crypto world, which has simply triggered the boom of mining these blockchain collectibles to have your own space in the crypto world. For that reason, in this article we show you what exactly mintear is, how you can do it without spending a single penny and different platforms where you can get free NFT, to have your own space in this flourishing ecosystem.

First of all, you must be clear about what mining is. The word "mintear" means "to coin", which means that we create an object to be able to use it. In the case of blockchain technology, minting means creating a unique digital object (or objects) within it, which we can mobilize within the blockchain. However, we must make something clear: mining is not mining and it is an action that is only possible within the parameters allowed by the blockchain we are using.

Now that you know this, you will understand that "mining an NFT" is simply "creating an NFT" and all this thanks to the smart contracts that allow us to do this within the blockchain such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others with these capabilities. Of course, each blockchain has its means to achieve this functionality. But basically, you just have to access the service and pay for the creation of said NFT. Additionally, you must give an address for it to be delivered to you and you would already have an NFT created in your hands.

How to make or mine my own NFT?

Now, mining an NFT depends on the blockchain you are going to use. For example, in BTC you can mine NFT like Rare Pepes, where you need to use the Counterparty protocol, which leads to a specific procedure that is quite simple. But if you use Ethereum, you have other options and methods, the best known being those offered by OpenSea, Enjin, and other services dedicated to this market.

Of course, the difference does not end there. An NFT in Bitcoin is nothing more than a series of satoshis with a particular configuration that gives information about it. But in Ethereum, these are an address associated with a smart contract with a standard format known as ERC-721 (or ERC-1155), which provides greater flexibility and interoperability.

With that said, we will explain how you can mine your own NFT on Ethereum and show it to the world:

Choosing the service to mine your NFT

First of all, we must choose the service to mine our NFT. In Ethereum, some very important names in this regard are OpenSea, Mintable, or Rarible. Each of them have their own functionalities and capabilities, so it is good that you know each of them.

Connecting to the service

OpenSea is a DApp so the way to interact with it is by installing MetaMask in our browser. Once you have this wallet installed in your browser, you just have to go to the official OpenSea website and connect to it using MetaMask.

Created on 3rd Dec 2021