What Are Enterprises Doing With Blockchain?

What Are Enterprises Doing With Blockchain?

Many of the top companies in the world are experimenting and working with blockchain technologies. We see many news reports on completing successful blockchain pilots, hiring large-scale research teams and heavily investing into blockchain funding rounds.

But which of these big corporations is building blockchain solutions themselves? In this article from Empirex Capital we present them to you.

According to a recent Blockdata report that looks at the top 100 companies based on market capitalization. The research found that 81% of them are currently using blockchain to some extent and have started exploring the technology as early as 2014.

Some other key statistics include:

-27% of them have a fully live blockchain-based service.

-38% of them have invested in a combined 113 blockchain companies in funding rounds that total $3.5 billion.

The most popular technologies used are Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Quorum and Corda (across 30 unique technologies).

For this article, we took a quick dive into some of these corporations and selected those who have live blockchain solutions, and/or are close to launching a production-ready service.

These solutions are not only concentrated in one particular industry, but across a wide variety of them. The most popular industries are DLT (infrastructure & blockchain services) payments, security, energy, pharma, banking and supply chain.

Additionally, when examining the type of blockchain companies these big institutions invested in, we found a total of 83 different use cases. The most common ones were focused on integrating their own blockchain services (infrastructure & protocols), payment solutions, trading & exchanges, post-trade and custody solutions.

Below is a list of some of these top institutions who have shown recent activity in blockchain.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft has been involved in blockchain since 2017 and is known for their Azure Blockchain Service. The company has also been busy with a couple of new initiatives. In March 2021, Microsoft announced the launch of their ION Digital ID Network on the Bitcoin network.

Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet Inc., parent company of Google Cloud, has been involved in blockchain since 2016. They are known for their blockchain services with the Google Cloud Platform, where you can currently deploy Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum networks and applications.

Other companies working in blockchain include:

Saudi Aramco:

Launched a successful pilot last year for background checks and credentials.

After the pilot’s success, their investment arm Wa’ed invested into one of Saudi Arabia’s first blockchain technology start-ups IR4LAB for the detection of fraudulent certifications. Technologies used: Hyperledger Fabric, GumboNet.

Created on 5th Oct 2021