What Is Papa Doge Coin (PAPADOGE)?

What Is Papa Doge Coin (PAPADOGE)?

Empirex Capital takes a deep dive into the first Memecoin from the Doge family that offers a farming platform to its users.

Papa Doge Coin is yet another newcomer to the dog-themed meme cryptocurrency space. The crypto project has established a familial relation to the original meme crypto, Dogecoin (DOGE).

There are a number of other projects, like BabyDoge, that are seeking to tap into the community that Dogecoin created while providing more benefits and rewards. Papa Doge Coin provides another purpose common in the meme coin ecosystem, which is rewarding users who get in early enough with strategies to decrease supply and increase value over time.

Papa Doge Coin’s Roadmap

PAPADOGE is following its roadmap to increase the token’s value and grow its community as much as possible. On this journey, Papa Doge Coin is also seeking to provide protection for token holders in this process by locking a sizable portion of the total supply in its liquidity pool for a specific period. Memecoins are now making sure to avoid rug pulling and other schemes by creating a strong community presence. This will help the project reach its goals without being sabotaged by those looking to take advantage of the system.

When Will PAPADOGE Hit 1 Cent?

So far, PAPADOGE’s price has climbed to a current price of $0.0000001905 as of July 30, 2021. Memecoins family have a common tradition of initiating their projects with a supply of trillion or quadrillion coins. If users invest during the initial stages, they can potentially gain incredible value if the coin rises all the way up to 1 cent. With a combination of increased popularity and strategies, like burning coins and launching a farming platform, the Papa Doge Coin team seeks to increase the value and market cap as much as possible over time.

Papa Doge Coin Price

The PAPADOGE token is not to be confused with the other non-official Doge “family members” like, Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE). These tokens are all aimed at giving another chance to investors, who missed out on the amazing Dogecoin rally, to jump on a token that could explode in value. The PAPADOGE token is now worth around $0.0000001897. This followed an all-time high value of $0.0000007034 in July 2021.

How Does Papa Doge Coin Work?

Papa Doge Coin is very similar to other dog-related cryptocurrencies that are spreading like wildfire. These tokens’ value relies on how much they can grow to provide a stellar return for investors (who are often seeking 1,000x returns and higher). In 2021, a get-rich-quick mentality has gripped crypto and retail investors looking to invest in the next funniest and cutest meme currency after Dogecoin. Memecoin projects don’t necessarily solve problems within the blockchain and crypto space, like Polygon or The Graph. Instead, they mainly seek to act as a method of improving investors’ portfolios.

However, Papa Doge Coin has an objective of making its investors rich not only by ensuring an organic increase in its value but also by allowing them to earn passively using its yield farming platform. It will also launch its lottery program on its official platform.

The total supply of Papa Doge Coin has been broken down in the following manner:

• 55% of the total supply has been allocated to the presale process.

• 5% of tokens will be invested in marketing efforts.

• 25% will be put into the liquidity pool and locked for three months.

• 5% of the tokens will be kept out of circulation.

• 10% tokens will be burned.

Created on 4th Aug 2021