What is Rune (RUNE) and how to play it?

What is Rune (RUNE) and how to play it?

Empirex Capital dives deep into Rune (RUNE), a dark fantasy game universe where players battle good and evil to earn rewards.

Runa (RUNA) is another addition to the ever-growing popular world of NFT games. Players earn (crypto) runes by battling rival players, AI, and raiding performance farms in a dark fantasy gaming universe. Being an active participant in the Rune community (RUNE) also helps players earn runes and establish their presence in the game.

Rune gameplay

The world of Rune presents a wealth of opportunities for its players. They can choose from seven different NFT heroes including Barbarian, Paladin, Druid and 4 others. The basic principle behind the game is to play the Rune Evolution game and win cryptocurrencies. Heroes can equip runic words (mighty weapons, NFTs) while players fight each other and win prizes.

Players can also join a clan / faction, known as a 'guild' in the game. They can make new friends and collectively win prizes for the guild. The NFT Marketplace is an interesting Rune factor (RUNE) where players can buy different weapons and armor or upgrade current ones. According to the official website, this NFT game is set to receive continuous updates from its developers. Furthermore, the ecosystem is completely dedicated to gamers without the involvement of third parties.

How to play Rune?

The basic theme of the game takes place in a dark fantasy universe where players have to fight other players to win $ RUNES. Ecosystems have four different sets of games (activities) within themselves, including:

1. Evolution of the rune (P2E)

Players must have a MetaMask wallet and connect it to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The next step is to create a character that players will use to participate in the Rune Evolution game.

After creating the character, the player uses it throughout the game, in this case, a small dragon that can eat 'sprites' that are like little butterflies floating all over the screen.

2. Rune Farm (Yield Farming)

The rune farm requires $ RUNE tokens that can be earned through Rune Evolution or purchased from crypto exchanges such as Rune Swap. Out of a total of 33 unique runes present in the rune ecosystem, each can be acquired with just two methods:

-Assault farms

-Providing liquidity

Who created Rune (RUNE)?

The entire Rune ecosystem is built by an anonymous team calling themselves 'Binzy'. The team has decided to keep their identity hidden to safeguard Rune users from future regulations in the DeFi world that may be imposed by the authorities.

Important RUNE Facts

There is a maximum supply of 22,530 RUNE tokens. Of this supply, a total of 19,300 tokens were left after the creators of the NFT platform burned 3,230.Rune's price (RUNE) is now trading at $ 211, as of August 23, 2021.

Created on 31st Aug 2021