In today’s constant increasing demand of Cryptos and desire for investment, many individuals who are still new on this matter, would like to add them to their portfolio without disturbing their normal lives. Empirex Capital is here to solve this problem, we want you to enjoy the benefits of profiting from the Crypto market without worrying about opening exchange accounts, maintaining multiple wallet keys, or facing any other complex risks or requirements.


Our team of experts and investment managers analyze the markets and use a variety of strategies that allow them diversify your portfolio obtaining higher returns of investment.


We also understand that each investor is special and unique. Therefore, we’ve built three different plans of investment, you may choose the one that fits you best.


Short-Term Plan


Minimum Investment: $3,000
Agreement Timeframe: 90 Days
Management Fee: 35%


Mid-Term Plan


Minimum Investment: $3,000
Agreement Timeframe: 180 Days
Management Fee: 30%


Long-Term Plan


Minimum Investment: $3,000
Agreement Timeframe: 1 Year
Management Fee: 25%


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