We define hedge funds as investment strategies that have access to a broader mandate than just equities, bonds and cash. Some examples of the types of strategies we use as hedge fund managers include shorting, the used of leverage, the use of derivative securities, and the ability to invest in instruments that do not offer daily liquidity.


This broader approach provides us the opportunity to generate differentiated sources of return, increased portfolio diversification, and enhanced risk-adjusted returns. Besides, our fund is professionally handled and extremely secured with the most experienced managers, traders, analysts, and technology of the Crypto industry.

Features And Benefits


Crypto assets have a lower correlation to traditional investment products, which means they move mostly independent of each other, offering real diversification benefits to the investors. Also, the use of non-traditional investment strategies provides us with flexibility to maximize investors returns irrespective of the direction of the market.


Our Fees


We’ll charge you a management fee and a performance fee -which varies depending on your investment timeframe- on profits from your initial investment. We’ll deduct it once you’re ready to withdraw the funds, after reaching the maturity date on your agreement.

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